☐ NEU consulting network brings 100 plus years of Illinois Natural Gas, Electric, and Legal experience.

☐  Experience includes tariff and rate making expertise, first-hand operational experience with utilities and competitive retail and wholesale supply base, and vast legal experience within the Illinois legislative process.

☐ Regular Meeting Schedule, at least 4 per year.

☐ Guest Speakers provide outside expert opinions and testimony

☐ Peak Demand Alerts for Natural Gas and Electricity

☐ Natural Gas Pricing Updates

☐ Electricity Pricing Updates

☐ Fundamental Market Analysis and Outlook

☐ Professional networking, idea sharing and collaboration opportunities


☐ Knowledge + Volume = Savings

☐ Stay ahead of the curve!  Receive valuable information that will help your organization proactively manage energy expenses.

☐ Receive market intelligence that can easily be shared with your organization’s senior leadership team and can assist them with the decision-making process.

☐ Receive access via email and phone to the NEU consulting network.  Opportunities to discuss relevant market events with experts in practical terms.

☐ Learn about projects and strategies that can reduce your organization’s energy spend.

☐ The ability to influence regulatory proceedings and the legislative process.

☐ Develop a large voice and leverage!  When opportunities arise, the NEU has been the launching pad for coalitions that have saved large commercial and industrial consumers millions of dollars on their energy bills.