About Maverick Energy Consulting

Maverick Energy Consulting was founded in 2000 with the purpose to consult and train natural gas utilities and large commercial/industrial end-users.  Since our inception, we have evolved into a consulting firm that helps customers implement price risk management strategies for natural gas, diesel fuel, unleaded gasoline and electricity.

Maverick provides the knowledge and expertise that is needed to succeed in today’s volatile energy complex.  We provide quality procurement strategies that produce bottom line results.  We assist in your procurement of supply and prepare hedging strategies to manage energy price volatility.

Our holistic approach addresses needs from the Plan Development and Request for Proposal stages, to the Supplier Selection and Contract Negotiation stages, and ultimately through the fundamental principles of physical delivery.   We also provide the essential and timely fundamental market information needed to support and sustain a competitive procurement program in today’s fast moving energy complex.

Our Mission
To obtain the best over-all results for our clients by providing price risk management training, consulting, and other related services.  We are unstoppable in our never-ending quest to challenge the status quo so that we can increase the quality and performance of our clients.  Day in and day out we deliver our service with passion.  Our goals revolve around helping educational, commercial, industrial, and government entities prepare themselves to win in the deregulated energy marketplace.

If you would like more information please contact us at sales@maverickec.com.