Energy Buying Cooperatives

“Our buying power and proactive strategy, combined with the help and information from Maverick Energy, give the members of MEGA a tremendous advantage in procuring their energy supply.”

– Dennis Tackitt, MSD of Wayne Township

Energy Buying Cooperatives

There are no small savings when it comes to your energy costs!

The little things really do add up! The energy complex is a highly volatile place and without keeping a constant watch on the commodity’s price components (for example: the transportation basis, NYMEX execution and your supplier’s profit), the sum of these individual component’s price fluctuations can end up costing you much more than it has to.  The traditional challenge for individual energy buyers has been time and market intelligence, we have crafted a comprehensive and affordable way to control your price and manage your risk.

Our goal is to improve your bottom line
We accomplish this by procuring your energy with professional trading tools, techniques and strategies, all of which manage price volatility and certainty.  In addition, we negotiate favorable supplier contract terms and audit the suppliers pricing and billing activity.

We sit on your side of the table during:.

  • Initial Plan Development
  • RFP Stages
  • Supplier Selection
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Structuring and Monitoring of Physical Delivery

We help you win in today’s deregulated market by sharing our experience and the power of cooperative buying.  Count on us to provide the knowledge and expertise that is needed to succeed in today’s volatile energy complex.

Why does the Coop work?
How much louder do you imagine 100,000 voices are than one?  That is the power of the coop.  We bring together like-minded educational, commercial, industrial, and government end-users who want the best possible price on their energy and leverage their collective buying power.

Distinguishing Principles of Maverick’s Coop service:

  • 30 plus years of unbiased energy experience
  • Proven Price Risk Management Strategies
  • Fair and reasonable membership fees
  • Timely pricing and fundamental analysis
  • Dedicated Partnership