Individual End-Users

“More than a source of supply, it is proactive energy management.”

– Jim Boguslawski, Dynagel, Inc.

Individual End-Users

There are no small savings when it comes to your energy costs!

Whether you are an experienced energy buyer or a novice, Maverick Energy Consulting will help design and implement the energy strategy that meets your goals. We address your unique energy procurement and management needs with a personal, one-on-one approach.

In addition to personal service, it is imperative for the end-user to contract with a stable and experienced energy provider.

Why Maverick Energy?

Your results can be measured in time saved, knowledge gained, budget achievement, risk avoidance, business efficiency and dollars saved.

Our 40 plus years of experience enables you to navigate your way through the extremely complicated and volatile energy marketplace through the eyes of professionals. You will experience excellence in service, information and results unmatched by our competition.

Here is what Maverick Energy Consulting will do for you:

  • Align you with a reliable and creditworthy source for firm supply
  • Analyze and summarize your needs to determine the best purchasing and supply strategy
  • Arrange for delivery and monitor energy deliveries to your facility
  • Maximize the use of your energy assets (i.e. storage and alternative fuels)
  • Reconcile use against estimates and purchased quantities.
  • Analyze fundamental energy market information to provide you with valuable information to execute your pricing strategy and manage risk.
  • Provide pricing position reports and usage tracking mechanisms to guide your procurement strategy.