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Non-Profit Organizations

Everyone benefits!  People save money and support their favorite cause!

Two important facts:

  1. With the continued deregulation of Illinois electric markets, retail suppliers are aggressively trying to acquire market share.
  2. With today’s challenging economic environment, the non-profit organization is looking for innovative ways to generate residual revenue.

This combination of fact and need has created an affinity fundraising opportunity.  In exchange for the ability to market to the non-profit’s supporters, the retail supplier will make donations to the non-profit based on participation.

Here is what Maverick Energy Consulting will do for you:

  • Align the non-profit organization with a reliable, experienced and creditworthy supplier.
  • Our experience will make sure the non-profit and the supporter are well protected!
  • Act as liaison between supplier and non-profit
  • Will implement a highly effective marketing strategy to drive the greatest level of supporter participation.
  • Will make sure there is no cost to the non-profit organization.

Here is what the Non-Profit can expect to receive:

  • An unlimited revenue stream with no cost!
  • A business relationship with a local Fortune 500 Company
  • A safe and secure solution for their supporters!

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