Your company or organization should be an NEU member if you would like to:
•Make money in the rapidly-changing energy markets;
•Save money on energy costs;
•Make more effective energy procurement and management decisions;
•Develop a better understanding of best practices to manage your energy costs;
•Avoid future energy cost increases;
•Be at the forefront of unbiased energy news and issues affecting your business;
•Understand best practices on managing your business’ energy costs;
•Keep senior management informed of energy issues affecting your business;
•Be proactive in your approach to energy rather than reactive to market changes; and
•Advocate effectively for energy policies that benefit you.
NEU educates energy users in Northern Illinois on energy topics including:
• Energy markets and pricing;
• Energy use best practices, current energy news;
• Energy cost saving strategies; and
• Opportunities to assist in shaping local and national energy policy.
NEU holds regular meetings and sponsors periodic seminars on energy topics to keep its members abreast of the latest developments in the energy industry. NEU’s expert staff helps members understand complicated issues such as customer choice, renewable energy programs, distributed energy generation opportunities, rate design changes, and other complicated energy issues.
NEU analyzes the status of the market and annually develops a business plan to provide members with important information, anticipating emerging energy issues in the following topic areas: legislative, regulatory, commodity pricing, products, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and utility tariffs. NEU’s annual business plan is a helpful guide to its members’ business cost planning efforts as it highlights expected energy costs in the near and long term as well as potential cost increases or decreases on the horizon.
CJT Energy Law distributes the “Energy News Highlights” newsletter weekly to NEU members, providing important news on current topics and current energy pricing information. NEU also releases other important materials periodically via email or at its meetings, summarizing specific regulatory issues, analyzing utility rates, prices, tariff changes, and providing other pertinent information.
In addition, the NEU website http://bit.ly/northernilenergy offers participants immediate access to useful and timely information such as breaking news, pricing updates, special reports, meeting notices, and past publications. As necessary, NEU convenes conference calls focusing on urgent market developments, upcoming legislative changes or initiatives, and legal and regulatory issues.