Maverick Energy Consulting:
Your Energy Experts

Founded in 2000, Maverick Energy Consulting set out to serve the "Grey-Market", an underserved segment of the energy marketplace. The Grey-Market is for any consumer that has an energy spend that is too small to attract a wholesale supplier, but too large to only be offered “Retail” pricing solutions. We have made it our mission to help the members of the Grey-Market get treated like wholesale level consumers, manage risk accordingly, and drive down their costs.
  • Founded in 2000
  • Leadership Team has over 75 years of combined energy experience in North America.
  • Currently managing over $200,000,000 in annual energy spend.
  • Proactive business minded executives set the tone and expectations for our clients.
  • Active in all industries – Commercial Real Estate, Government, Health Care, Manufacturing, Public and Private Schools and Universities
Even though Maverick continues to serve the Grey Market extremely well, we have maintained a macro focus on the energy industry and continually evolve to address the new challenges consumers are faced with.
  • Since our inception, we have evolved into a consulting firm that also helps end-users implement procurement and price risk management strategies for natural gas, diesel fuel, unleaded gasoline, electricity, and renewable solutions.
  • We manage several energy purchasing cooperatives and have worked with law makers, utilities, and consumers to develop competitive utility tariffs for underserved rate classes.