Northern Illinois Energy Users Group

Maverick is one of the lead consulting firms for the NEU


The Northern Illinois Energy Users Group (NEU) was created in 1987 to help large commercial and industrial energy consumers make best-in-class decisions related to their energy spend and corporate initiatives.  The NEU provides a platform in which quality, unbiased information is gathered, presented, and openly discussed.

Through the years, NEU’s principal support consultants, which today consists of Brad Fults and Russ Paluch, have presided over the truthful, meaningful interpretation and analysis of current events impacting energy budgets, consumption targets and procurement initiatives.  Items monitored by the NEU include, but are not limited to; energy prices, legislation, utility tariff construct, renewable energy policies and solutions, and other innovative practices impacting energy consumption and costs.  

Since inception and as a direct result of a collaborative effort by motivated business leaders, innovative engineers, proactive purchasing professionals, and energy experts all working together to challenge the status quo, NEU Members have saved over $200 Million.


The NEU staff consultants are continuously engaged, deeply within the Illinois energy market.  NEU priorities are maintained and reinforced by the staff consultants and their comprehensive daily efforts to monitor regulatory issues, pricing solutions and trends, fundamental market analysis, competitive forces, and innovative solutions.

There are at least four member meetings per year and four market updates per year which provide an opportunity to keep all members up to date with the Illinois energy marketplace.  Here is a list of issues a member can expect to receive an update for:
  • Market Outlook, Supply and Demand Fundamentals
  • Natural Gas and Electricity Price Forecasts
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Renewable Energy Updates
  • Regulatory Update
  • Legislative Update – NEU is fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with Chris Townsend, of CJT Energy Law, LLC.  Chris is available at most meetings to discuss legal and regulatory issues impacting Illinois consumers.  Chris also distributes “The Energy News Highlights” publication weekly to NEU Members and leads adversary action for NEU members who want to be more proactive at the Illinois Legislature or the Illinois Commerce Commission. 
In addition to NEU day-to-day business, the staff consultants are always securing quality guest speakers.  The goal is to bring in outside experts that can provide pertinent topical insight, educational opportunities and, cost saving solutions to the group.  Topics can include energy efficiency, technology, commodity supply, renewable energy, regulatory opinion, corporate and state policy advocates, etc.


  • NEU staff consultants bring 100 plus years of Illinois Natural Gas, Electric, and Legal experience.
  • Experience includes tariff and rate making expertise, first-hand operational experience with utilities and competitive retail and wholesale supply base, and vast legal experience within the Illinois legislative process.
  • Regular Meeting Schedule, at least 4 per year.
  • Guest Speakers provide outside expert opinions and testimony
  • Peak Demand Alerts for Natural Gas and Electricity
  • Natural Gas Pricing Updates
  • Electricity Pricing Updates
  • Fundamental Market Analysis and Outlook
  • Professional networking, idea sharing and collaboration opportunities


  • Knowledge + Volume = Savings
  • Stay ahead of the curve!  Receive valuable information that will help your organization proactively manage energy expenses.
  • Receive market intelligence that can easily be shared with your organization’s senior leadership team and can assist them with the decision-making process.
  • Receive access via email and phone to the NEU consulting network.  Opportunities to discuss relevant market events with experts in practical terms.
  • Learn about projects and strategies that can reduce your organization’s energy spend.
  • The ability to influence regulatory proceedings and the legislative process.
  • Develop a large voice and leverage!  When opportunities arise, the NEU has been the launching pad for coalitions that have saved large commercial and industrial consumers millions of dollars on their energy bills.
  • Ability to work with NEU consultants utilizing their market expertise on individual company initiatives such as energy procurement, management reports and presentations.  This can be a low-cost extension of NEU member services.



  1. Contact one of the staff consultants:


Brad Fults or Charles Drake

Progressive Energy Solutions, LLC 

Phone: (763) 442-0772


Russ Paluch

Maverick Energy Consulting, Inc. 

Phone: (630) 728-8422


  1. Complete the Membership Application
  2. Attend the next meeting

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