Maverick Energy Consulting is comprised of the highest quality and experienced energy professionals. We help energy consumers buy smarter and better. We help you purchase natural gas, electricity, renewables, diesel fuel, and unleaded gasoline like a pro. Maverick provides the knowledge, expertise and proprietary sourcing methods that save you time and money.

John Righeimer
Holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and a Masters of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior. Beginning in 1990, John has built a strong knowledge of both the physical and financial components of the fuel and natural gas markets. John has been responsible for assisting multiple energy consortiums save money and protect budgets. He has experience in all aspects of price risk management (hedging): market analysis, trading, selling and buying derivatives, selling and buying physical commodities, hedging client price risk and negotiating provider agreements.
Russ Paluch
Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management from Illinois State University. Since 1991, he has invested his entire career in competitive energy markets. He is Maverick’s lead consultant for natural gas, electricity, and renewable energy markets and their related components. He works with Maverick’s largest clients, assisting them to procure energy, maximize storage and transportation assets, and manage price risk. He has experience with commodity price risk management, energy trading, sales and customer service, supply operations, utility account balancing, and utility/tariff analysis and compliance.
Jim McCallie
Jim is a NFA-licensed commodities broker and registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). Since 2004 Jim has specialized in corporate and governmental energy price risk management. He is an expert in oil, diesel, gasoline, propane, and natural gas markets. Jim has an extensive background in the areas of commodity risk management, hedging of physical price exposures with commodity futures and options, and overall fuel strategy development. At the core of Jim’s success is an emphasis on educating his clients about risk management concepts and tools.